Maria studied classical guitar, first with Fausto Betelli, and then with Gianluigi Fia
She got the diploma under Gianluigi Fia guide with the maximum marks in 1991 at the Conservatory of Brescia, Italy.
She got her perfection with Oscar Ghiglia and she was a winner in numerous guitar competitions both as a solo and in a chamber orchestra.

She studied lirica with Marisa Bonomelli and Michele Fiotta.

She studied modern guitar and she perfections in jazz in various seminaries with various teachers: Jay Clayton Kate Baker Elisabeth Howard and others.

She studied jazz at the conservatory of Brescia, and in seminariers masterclasses with different teachers: Sandro Gibellini, Corrado Guarino ecc…

She presents herself in concerts with different groups, collaborating with musicians such as: J. Kyle Gregory, Roberto Soggetti, Valerio Abeni, Marco Micheli, Luciano Poli, Titti Castrini, Sergio Mazzei, Franco Testa, Mauro Beggio, William de Oliveira, ecc…

She composed the music and the lyrics of her songs with which she won important national competitions such as: Recanati which was put on tv on the channel rai 2 and was recorded and publicised a cd.

She publicised a cd of her songs “Panna&Fragole” in 1996, “Compagni di Ventura” that contain italian songs re-arranged in a jazz way, “Colour5” publicised in 2006, and then in 2008 publicised with TrJ records UN FILO DI PAZZIA that contain her latest songs.

Was a meeting of love our songs

double cd

Productor: Roberto Bini

1°cd: Music
12 original compositions
Maria Ventura, voice and classic guitar
Roberto Soggetti, piano
Valerio Abeni, drums
Marco Micheli, dublebass
J. Kyle Gregory, trumpets

2°cd: Reading
24 original compositions
Armando Leopaldo, narrator
Livia Castellini, narrator
Maria Ventura, music

This cd comes from the meeting between Maria Ventura -songwriter, guitarist, classic and jazz singer- and Silvia Montefoschi -poetess, philosopher and psychoanalyst.
It is a meeting of love, as describes the title of the cd,and is looking for the deepest sense of the existence .
It is a meeting that seems to have neither beginning nor end , even if it is given in the time and in the space through these two women that , together or in loneliness , sing about the love that crosses them

The wrapping contains two cds and a booklet.
The first one is a cd of 12 original songs, 11 of which are poetries of the Montefoschi, musicate from Ventura and one is the homage to the poetess from the singer songwriter that also writes the text of “A Silvia.” The execution is submitted, over that to Ventura, to musicians jazz of high preparation and experience, which boast manifold important international collaborations in the genre of jazz and songwriters.

The other cd contains all the 24 poetries of Montefoschi from the book “Fu una pioggia di stelle sul mio viso“ “it was a rain of stars on my face” that are magistrally recited with instrumental original music that are accompany or intercalate the masculine and female voice of the two actors professionals.
The booklet contains the texts of the songs and the poetries, (kindly granted by the Zephyro editions) photos of the interpreters and the sculptural work “S-culture” of the artist from Milan Giorgio Bardaro devoted to the Thought of Silvia Montefoschi and information about the realisation and production of those cds.


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Silvia Montefoschi born in Rome (Italy) in 1926 is a jungian psychoanalyst.
Landed to the psychoanalysis after the degree in medicine and in biology.
Student of Ernst Bernhard, (in turn student of Jung), she is distinguished, since her first works, for an interpretation in dialectical key of the jungian thought.
From the vision of the psychoanalytic relationship as an intersubjective evolutionary relationship, she has theorized the universal meaning of the human cognitive experience as process of selfconsciousness and evolution of the being.
After 1977 it soon runs its thinking on issues of intersubjectivity in a unified reading of the history of psychoanalysis from Sigmund Freud to Carl Jung and to this day, applying the “principle of individuation” to the same psychoanalysis and its history.


Fu una pioggia di stelle sul mio viso (1952) (the same poethry of this cd)

Her books constitute an organic work of knowledge of the reality, that goes over to know psychoanalytic:
L’uno e l’altro. Interdipendenza e intersoggettività nel rapporto psicoanalitico, The one and the other (1977);
Over the border of the person (1979);
Dialectics of the unconscious (1980);
Over the taboo of the incest (1982);
The system man: catastrophe and renewal (1985);
Carl Jung: un pensiero in divenire (1985)
To Be the being (1986);
The cosmic principle or of the taboo of the incest (1987);
From the one to the one, over the universe (1998).
Opere 1 – Il senso della psicoanalisi. Da Freud a Jung e oltre (2004)
Il manifestarsi dell’essere in Silvia Montefoschi (2009) by Silvia Montefoschi, Bianca Pietrini and Fabrizio Raggi

La storia vera dell’amore, The true story of love (1998), screenplay by Silvia Montefoschi, music by Giuseppe Lo Forte
Lucifero dinamica divina, Lucifer dynamic divine (2000), screenplay by Silvia Montefoschi, music by Giuseppe Lo Forte

La rivoluzione radicale del reale (1996)
Scherzo in attesa della fine del mondo (1996)
and many others……